Associate a test hostname to an edge hostname

In your EIB configuration, you can optionally create an additional association of a test hostname to a staging edge server. This association enables you to test all EIB-unrelated features of your configuration in the staging environment.

Before you begin, if required, establish an SSL certificate. For more information, see Establish an SSL certificate.

  1. Access Property Manager configurations associated with the selected ‚ÄčAkamai Control Center‚Äč account. Go to ‚ėį > CDN > Properties (or just enter Properties in the search box).

    The Property Groups page opens.

  2. Click the Property Name link for your property.

  3. On the Property Details page, click the Version of your configuration that you want to access in Manage Versions and Activations.

  4. On the Property Manager Editor page, click Add in Property Hostnames.

    An Add Hostnames wizard appears.

  5. In the Hostnames step, enter your test hostname, or an appropriate portion of that hostname and click Next.

    A selected hostname


  6. In the IP Version step, select IPv4 + IPv6 (dual stack) and click Next.

    IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack option selected


  7. In the Certificate step:

    1. On the Certificates Matching All Property Hostnames tab, select an SSL certificate, modify an existing SSL certificate, or create an SSL certificate.

      If your test hostname is specified as a subject alternative name in the SSL certificate that you previously used for the production hostname, you can use the same SSL certificate.

      An existing SSL certificate selected


    2. Click Next.

  8. In the Edge Hostnames step, click pen-icon and create an edge hostname:

    1. In Associate Edge Hostname to Property Hostname window, select Create.

    2. In Edge Hostname, create an edge hostname by following the pattern: <test-hostname>

    3. In IP Version, select the IP version used by your property and click Update.

      An edge hostname selected


    4. Click Submit.

      The Success window with further instructions appears.