Part of the Internet of Things (IoT) product, the OTA Updates module enables automotive companies to leverage the Akamai Intelligent Platform to provide a highly scalable, secure, and reliable mechanism to update software on vehicle head units over a cellular network.

The OTA Updates solution also supports a reporting mechanism centered on download functions. It provides automotive customers with individual vehicle and aggregated reports, allowing them to log and aggregate download data for individual vehicles or by additional dimensions such as make or model.

The OTA Updates API provides you with a list of completed downloads by vehicle, limited only to those downloads associated with a content provider code. A completed download is defined by the download complete marker behavior and its match criteria while configuring the OTA Updates property. To configure download traffic, use the Property Manager within Akamai Control Center, or the equivalent Property Manager API.

API summary

See the API's various operations for details on their request parameters and response data:

Download Notifications
List download notificationsGET/download-notifications/‚Äč{cpcode}
CP Codes
List content provider codesGET/cpcodes