Activate OTA Updates in the staging environment

You can verify a non-EIB production or test configuration of your OTA Updates property by activating its new version in the staging environment. The staging environment allows you to test your configurations without impact to production configurations. After testing the functionality in the staging environment, you can use the same configuration file in production.

  1. Access Property Manager configurations associated with the selected ‚ÄčAkamai Control Center‚Äč account. Go to ‚ėį > CDN > Properties (or just enter Properties in the search box).

    The Property Groups page opens.

  2. Click the Property Name link for your property.

  3. On the Property Details page, click the Version of your configuration that you want to access in Manage Versions and Activations.

  4. On the Property Manager Editor page, on the Activate tab, follow one of the steps:

    • If no validation messages appear, click Activate v<#> on Staging.

    • If validation messages appear, edit the configuration on the Edit tab and then click Activate v<#> on Staging on the Active tab.

  5. Monitor the Activate tab to track progress.

    The activation process takes approximately 10 minutes.