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The Certificate Provisioning System (CPS) provides full life cycle management of secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates for your secure content delivery network (CDN) applications. This includes allowing you to request new certificates, modify existing certificates, automatically renew certificates, and delete certificates. CPS also manages Transport Layer Security (TLS) configurations including cipher selection.

Topics include a high-level discussion of the CPS system, how to use it, and how to manage certificates. This help also includes general CPS concepts and terminology.

Learn how to use CPS, how to manage certificates, and general CPS concepts and terms.



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The tutorial below can only be completed once you have set up your identity and access with Akamai. For a detailed tutorial of that onboarding process, see Get started.

TutorialSummaryLink to documentation
Create a domain-validated (DV) certificateA domain-validated certificate will determine if your company has control of the domains listed in your certificate. This is the simplest validation method but also has the shortest expiration date (90 days) which means you'll have to renew your certificate more frequently. However, this certificate renewal process can be automated.Use Control Center | Use an API
Create an organization-validated (OV) certificateAn organization-validated certificate will contact an assigned person in your organization for validation that your business is registered, that the contact works there, and that you have legal right to use the domains listed in your certificate. Because this validation process involves human contact, it cannot be entirely automated. OV certificates expire after one year.Use Control Center
Create an extended-validated (EV) certificateAn extended-validated certificate works the same way as the organization-validated certificate with an additional EV-approval contact. This process also involves signed letters and notaries sent to your certificate authority for validation. This method provides a credential that can be used to indicate in a browser that your certificate is trustworthy. This also expires after one year.Use Control Center
Create a third-party certificateA third-party certificate has Akamai create a certificate signing request (CSR) which needs to be signed by a third-party certificate authority before it can be uploaded to Akamai for use.Use Control Center

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Certificate Provisioning System CLI
Certificate Provisioning System API
Property Manager API v1 to create an edge hostname.
​Akamai​ Terraform Provider: Certificate Provisioning Module

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