View validation status

If there is a To-Do icon next to a DV SAN certificate on the CPS main page, click the To-Do icon and select Validate Control Over Domain(s) from the status message. The Validate Control Over Domain(s) screen appears with all the domains listed on your DV certificates and the status of each domain.

The following table shows each status and the meaning of the status message:

PreparingCPS is preparing to send your certificate to Let's Encrypt.
PendingCPS is setting up the redirect URLs or the HTTP or DNS token.
ValidCPS received confirmation from Let's Encrypt that your domain is valid.
Ready fo validationCPS verified that your URL redirect or your token is in place and correct. CPS submitted the complete certificate request to Let's Encrypt for validation.
Awaiting userCPS is waiting for you to choose a method for validating your domain. For more information on these methods, see Validate domains.
InvalidThis is an invalid domain.
ErrorThere is an error associated with this domain.