Select a validation type


You cannot change the validation type after you create a new certificate

How to

  1. Open the Create New certificate wizard by clicking the Create New Certificate button on the CPS home page, or open a draft and select the Select Validation Type section.

  2. Select one of the following validation types for an ​Akamai​-managed certificate.

    An ​Akamai​-managed certificate relieves you of managing the certificate renewal process yourself. CPS automatically renews your certificate when the time comes for renewal.

    • Domain Validation (DV). A lower level of validation. The CA validates that you have control of the domain. A DV certificate expires in 90 days. CPS support DV certificates only issued by Let's Encrypt, automated, and open CA, run for public benefit.

    • Organization Validation (OV). A higher level of validation. The CA validates whether or not the company is valid, if it is registered, and if the business contact legitimately works at the company. The CA uses your organization information to verify you legally own or have the legal right to use the domains listed in your certificate. An OV certificate generally expires in one year.

    • Extended Validation (EV). The highest level of validation in which you must have signed letters and notaries sent to the CA before signing. The certificate must be a single certificate or a Subject Alternative Name (SAN) certificate. Wildcard certificates cannot be EV certificates because an EV certificate requires you to be explicit about all the SANs.

    • Third-party. Select to manage your own certificate and obtain the certificate yourself from a CA of your choice. You need to track the expiration date for this certificate and renew it when it gets close to expiration.

  3. Leave the contract you want to use in the contract field, or click Select different contract to view your choices, for example, you can see the following information and click either Cancel or Select this Contract after you choose a new contract in the Contract field:

    You can see the certificate types that your contract allows you to create.

    • The Total is the number of certificates with a certain IP address type, for example SNI-Only, and of a certain validation type, for example DV SAN certificates, you purchased as part of your contract.
    • The Used number is the number out of the total that are currently used by CPS, including all active, pending, and failed certificates.
    • The Available number is the number that are still available for use. Contact your sales representative if you want to add to your contract total.
  4. Click Next.

The Select Certificate Settings section opens.

Next steps

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