Save a draft

You can save your certificates as drafts. There are two types of drafts:

  • Certificate drafts. You can create these drafts when you create a new certificate or edit an existing certificate.

  • Deployment settings drafts. You can create these drafts when you edit your deployment settings for an existing draft.

When you create a new certificate, the Save as Draft button is active after you select the validation type and enter a common name for the certificate. You can also edit an existing certificate that is either active or in progress or edit your deployment settings and save a draft. When editing an existing certificate or deployment settings, the Save as Draft button appears inactive if there is already an existing draft for the certificate.


How many drafts

For each certificate, you can save one certificate draft and one deployment settings draft.

How to

  1. Click Save as Draft.

  2. Enter a unique name for your draft.

  3. Click Save.

  4. To view the saved draft, see View a saved draft.