View active certificates

Before you begin

The certificates in the Active tab appear listed by the common name and show the number of SANs next to the common name. You can also view the slot number of the certificate, which is an internal ​Akamai​ reference number. This tab lists the certificate type. For more information on certificate type, see View certificate types.

In the Staging Network and Production Network columns, you can view the expiration dates for the certificates that are active on each network. The expiration date is the date that the active certificate on the staging or production network expires.

You can also click on the expiration dates to get more information about the certificate. You can view the deployed network, edit the deployment settings, view the certificate, or push the certificate from the staging network to the production network.

How to

To view an active certificate:

  1. Click the Active tab on the CPS landing page.

  2. Click the date in the Production Network column of the certificate you want to view.

  3. Select View Full Certificate from the menu in the Action column.

    The Full Certificate and Trust Chain page appears. If you have created a Dual Stack, you will see two separate sections for ECDSA and RSA. You can view the common name, SAN domains, type, certificate authority, network, slot, expiration date, signature algorithm and key size, issuer, serial number, subject, and validity of the certificate. You can also view the contents of the certificate and the trust chain.

  4. Click Back to Landing Page to return to the CPS landing page.