Review your choices and submit the request

Take a moment to review all the settings before you submit the CSR to your CA. Make any changes you need to make and click Submit. One of the following occurs:

  • If this is an OV or an EV certificate, CPS submits the CSR to the CA signing. The CA contacts the administrator contact to verify that the request is legitimate. Then, it may take a few days for CPS to receive the signed certificate back from the CA.

  • If this is a DV certificate, a Success message appears, click Done. Let's Encrypt must validate that you control each domain listed in the certificate. To prove that you have control over the domains listed in the certificate, see Validate domains.

  • If this is a third-party certificate, you must submit the CSR you just created to your CA yourself and receive the signed trust chain back from the CA, usually through email. To submit the CSR to your CA, first view it in CPS, then download it or copy and paste it to the clipboard. For more information on how to do this, see Download or copy the CSRs for third-party certificates to complete the steps for using a third-party certificate.