Tiered Distribution

Tiered distribution is automatically added as a best practice. It lets AMD retrieve your cached content from another mid-tier of servers closer to your origin server, rather than directly from your origin server, or other ​Akamai​ edge servers that may also have the content cached, but are geographically further away.

It's automatically enabled in the background of the Origin Characteristics behavior. After configuring Origin Characteristics in the Default Rule, or adding the behavior to another rule in your property, the following apply, in regards to Tiered Distribution:

  • If the rule in question already contains the Tiered Distribution behavior. If you have an existing AMD property with Tiered Distribution added as a separate behavior, it overrides this best practices setting. You can mouse over that instance of the behavior and click the X icon to remove it. It will remain enabled as a best practice via the Origin Characteristics behavior in that rule. The warning notes in the behavior itself, as well as in the Errors/Warnings/Notes Messages Display are informational and can be ignored.

  • If you don't want Tiered Distribution enabled. You need to add Tiered Distribution as an optional behavior. In a rule that has the Origin Characteristics behavior, click Add Behavior > Tiered Distribution > Insert Behavior and explicitly set its Enable slider to Off. This overrides the best practice applied via Origin Characteristics. An informational warning message is displayed in the Behavior stating such. This can be ignored.

  • Tiered Distribution can't be used with Cloud Wrapper. If you've added the Cloud Wrapper service to your Adaptive Media Delivery property, you need to disable Tiered Distribution.