Review supported media formats

Adaptive Media Delivery (AMD) reliably delivers prepared, pre-segmented HTTP-based live and on-demand streaming media.

This includes support for the following formats:

  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). This is supported for iOS devices, browsers running HTML5, and more.

  • HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS). This is supported for devices running the Adobe Flash and AIR runtimes.

  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS). This is supported for devices running Microsoft Silverlight.

  • Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (MPEG-DASH)

  • Common Media Application Format (CMAF).

AMD is both workflow and origin server storage agnostic. However, you can combine AMD with our complementary Media Services and NetStorage products for an efficient, high-quality streaming media solution.

Additional points regarding format support

  • CMAF support requires that you package your media as CMAF and select HLS, DASH, or both when defining Content Characteristics in your AMD property.

  • Various behaviors may be limited to specific media formats, beyond what is listed above. When applicable, this is called out in the description of the behavior.

  • With the exception of integration of a Media Services Live origin within a AMD property, this guide is not generally intended for users of the Media Services Live or Media Services On Demand products.