Known limitations with MMC

Mixed Mode Configuration (MMC) lets you reuse the various use case-based behaviors to implement several different scenarios. There are some limitations to its use.

You can only include the Origin Characteristics behavior if Origin Server is also in the rule.Since the Default Rule applies to all requests, settings in its instance of the Origin Characteristics behavior must be used. You can't have a unique instance of this behavior in a subsequent rule to apply settings for unique requests. Origin Characteristics must apply to the same Origin Server called out in a rule.
Signature Header Authentication is not supported in a rule when NetStorage is set as the Origin Type in the Default Rule.If you have NetStorage set as your Origin Type in the Default Rule and a custom origin ("Your Origin") set in a subsequent rule, NetStorage authentication header information may be leaked to the custom origin. To avoid this issue, we have disabled the use of Signature Header Auth in rules.
MMC will not optimize delivery of files that are delivered using another product.For example, MMC doesn't optimize delivery of non-segmented media files in your AMD configuration.
MMC is not supported with AMD through Akamai Cloud Embed (ACE).N/A
The Watermarking behavior has requirements and known issues that can affect a Mixed Mode environment.

Consider the following points if you're looking to include the Watermarking feature in your AMD property.

  • Watermarking is currently only supported for use with on-demand media. If you're applying a Mixed Mode use case for both Media Services Live and other Origin Servers, you'll need to create a separate rule for your non-Media Services Live requests and include the Watermarking behavior in *that rule*. Do not include it in the Default Rule because it applies to all requests.
  • Prefetching is not recommended. The current implementation uses an origin-assist model that is not optimal with watermarking. As a result, AMD can't properly apply the Segmented Media Streaming - Prefetch behavior and the Watermarking behavior to a *single request*. Avoid including both behaviors in the same rule. Also, don't apply either behavior in the Default Rule, if the other exists in a subsequent rule in your property. This is because the Default Rule applies to all requests.

See How to add Watermarking for more details on this feature.