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Welcome to Adaptive Media Delivery

Adaptive Media Delivery (AMD) is optimized for adaptive bit rate streaming to provide a high-quality, secure viewing experience across a broad variety of network types—fixed or mobile—at varying connection speeds. Built on the ​Akamai​ Intelligent Platform™, AMD provides superior scalability, reliability, availability, and reach.

AMD securely delivers prepared, pre-segmented HTTP-based live and on-demand streaming media.

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Optional features

You can include several optional features and workflows in your AMD property. See the Optional features section for detailed walkthroughs.

APIs and AMD

AMD works in conjunction with several APIs. See the Adaptive Media Delivery APIs reference for details.

Check out "recipes"

A recipe walks you through an individual API operation, using easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Each recipe includes detailed code examples, using multiple, popular programming languages. AMD offers the Access Revocation API that works in conjunction with its Token Authentication protection. Access revocation lets you recognize tokens that have been hijacked and flag them to block requests that include them. Check out the recipes for this API.

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Welcome to Adaptive Media Delivery

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