View Ion traffic reports

You can monitor and identify key trends of your Ion traffic.

Use ​Akamai Control Center​

​Akamai​ offers easy-to-use interfaces in ​Control Center​ .

  1. Go to > COMMON SERVICES > Traffic reports.

  2. Click the magnifying glass icon to expand the menu and list the available reports.

  3. Scroll down the list to the Traffic Reports and select any of the following:


    Cloud Interconnects Traffic

    View this report to estimate how much of your cloud origin egress traffic is successfully sent through Private Network Interconnects (PNIs).

    Origin Performance

    This report shows performance characteristics observed by ​​Akamai​ edge servers when making requests to your origin servers.

    Page Views

    This report returns page view (text/HTML) file data over time.

    Today's Traffic.

    This report provides hits, volume, bandwidth, and offload data for the most recent 48 hours.


    This is the default report. This report provides hits, volume, bandwidth, and offload data over time for Ion.

    Traffic - Carbon Calculator

    This report helps you get an idea of the emissions your ​Akamai​ traffic may be creating and the efficiency ​Akamai​ is applying to reduce these emissions.

    Traffic by Browser & OS

    This report provides information about what browser types and operating systems are generating traffic.

    Traffic by Geography

    This report returns traffic data based on the country or area where requests originated for your site or app.

    Traffic by Hostname

    The report offers data per end-user-requested hostname.

    URL Responses

    This report delivers HTTP response data by URL. HTTP URL data is stored only for URLs with at least 50 hits per day.

    URL Traffic

    This report delivers traffic data by URL. Data can be viewed based on the number of hits or bytes transferred.


Reports are available based on the services you use and your permissions in ​Control Center​. See How to use reports for more details on using the Reporting tool.

Use the API

​Akamai​ offers the Reporting API that you can call to generate customized reports to meet your specific need.