Apr 1, 2024 – Brotli Compression in General Availability

Brotli-on-the-Fly compression provides best-in-class solution with simplified architecture, compressing resources within the ​Akamai​ CDN in real-time. For more details, see Ion's tutorial on improving page load performance.

Mar 25, 2024 – Edge IP Binding support

Edge IP Binding lets you deliver traffic from a small, static set of IP addresses in a scalable manner. Among other things, it lets you incorporate zero-rated billing, so you can allow specific traffic at no cost to end users.

Feb 21, 2024 – Changes to the Offload Origin rule

Chase Redirects behavior has been removed from the Offload Origin rule. If you've selected NetStorage as your Origin Server, chase redirects are automatically enabled in backend to support its replication infrastructure.

Feb 19, 2024 – Akamai integration with Speculation Rules API

You can leverage Speculation Rules API to improve the performance of Multi Page Apps (MPA) by prefetching or prerendering future navigations. This API promises a nearly-instant load of URLs that you specify in a special JSON structure, along with other rules that define how and when to trigger each speculative loading type.

Jan 11, 2024 – Client Hints support

Client Hints is an effort by Google to replace the legacy User-Agent HTTP header. Rather than sending all information regarding the client in a single source, the host the client is accessing needs to request individual "client hints" information from the client's user agent (a browser).

Dec 18, 2023 — Support for mTLS

Limited Availability

Nov 7, 2023 – Origin IP ACL

Origin IP Access Control List (Origin IP ACL) offers some protection for your origin server by restricting traffic to ​​Akamai​-controlled IP addresses.

Aug 21, 2023 — Build on the cloud tutorial

Learn how set up virtual compute instances ("Linodes") to serve as your origin server to deliver a basic, highly secure website through an Ion property.

May 16, 2023 — Breadcrumbs for Ion Premier

The "Breadcrumbs" feature looks to improve real-time visibility of performance and error conditions for content delivery.

May 15, 2023 — Support for HTTP/3

You can now include the HTTP/3 behavior in your Ion property to support secure HTTP/3 connections between a requesting client, like a browser and the ​​Akamai​ edge.