Manual Server Push (legacy)

With the HTTP/2 behavior included in your Ion property, you can add this behavior to load a specified set of objects into the client browser’s cache. The server sends multiple parallel responses for a single client request. An average web page requires multiple resources, such as JavaScript, CSS, and images. References to these items are in the HTML pages the server produces. Manual Server Push allows the server to send the most important items immediately.


This is the legacy version of server push. Unless it's already in your Ion property, use the server push functionality offered with Adaptive Acceleration instead.

To include it:

  1. Click Add Rule.

  2. Select Blank Rule Template and click Insert Rule.

  3. Click Add Match and set the "If" argument for the Criteria. This represents an object in a request that will trigger a manual server push. You can use either of the following:

    • Path. Include the full path, filename, and extension for an object. You can include multiple entries.

    • Filename. Include the filename and extension for an object.


Wildcards are supported

You can use them with either of these match criteria. An asterisk (*) can be used to represent multiple characters and a question mark (?) can be used to represent a single character.

  1. Click Add Behavior.

  2. Type "Manual" in the Search available behaviors field to filter results.

  3. Click Manual Server Push to select it and click Insert Behavior.

  4. Specify the set of objects to load into the client browser’s cache over HTTP/2 in the Add Object URLs field. These are the actual objects you want to be included in the Manual Server Push.

  5. Click the gear icon for the new rule () and select Edit Name. Give the rule a name to help identify it. For example, you could name it "Manual Server Push."

Incompatibilies with Manual Server Push

Manual Server Push isn't compatible with the following features:

  • Automatic Push and Preconnect options in Adaptive AccelerationAutomatic Server Push, Automatic Preconnect, and Automatic Font Preload. If you have any of these options enabled in Adaptive Acceleration, you can't include Manual Preconnect in any of the rules in your Ion property.
  • HTTP/3. No server push mechanism are supported with this connection protocol. HTTP/3 automatically preloads JavaScript and CSS assets, rather than pushing them.