You can configure your Ion property using several APIs:

The taskHow toDetail

Create an Ion property.

Property Manager API (PAPI)

You can fully manage your property using PAPI from adding property hostnames to configuring rules and behaviors.

Create and manage secure certificates for HTTPS connectivity to your Ion property.

Certificate Provisioning System API

Secure certificates are required to support HTTPS traffic between your end users and the ​Akamai​ edge network. You apply these certificates in a Property Hostname in your Ion property. You can programmatically create and manage Enhanced TLS and Standard TLS-format certificates using the Certificate Provisioning System API.

View and manage Automatic Push, Preconnect, and Preload data gathering.

Add and manage Adaptive Acceleration

Adaptive Acceleration uses real user monitoring data from mPulse (recommended) or RUM (classic) to increase the load speed of your website or app pages. This data is gathered via the Automatic Push and Preconnect options you can enable in Adaptive Acceleration. If you're using Automatic Push and Preconnect, use this API to review how the gathered data is being applied and also reset the data gathering mechanism.

Identify problematic JavaScripts and decide what to do with them.

Script Management API

Script Management uses real user monitoring data from mPulse to help minimize performance degradation from third-party JavaScripts. If you've applied it in your Ion property, you can use this API to review this data to identify troublesome JavaScripts. You can also use it to set up a policy to either revoke them from use or defer to another JavaScript.

Script Management is applied via a behavior in your Ion property. Use PAPI or Property Manager to add it.

Set up your third-party cloud origin authentication specifics as an easy-to-access key.

Cloud Access Manager API

Rather than providing several authentication details to access your third-party cloud origin, like Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Storage, you can save them all in a single, secure "access key." Use this API to programmatically create and manage your access keys.

Once you create an access key, you add it to your Ion property in the Origin Characteristics behavior, using either PAPI (accessKeyEncryptedStorage) or Property Manager.

Create and view custom reports for traffic sent via your Ion property.

Reporting API

Use an API to programmatically generate all manner of traffic and other data reports for content delivered via your Ion property. This data is based on the unique content provider (CP) code you applied when generating it.