Before you jump into the tutorials covered here, there are a few common tasks you should perform.

Get your credentials

These tutorials use multiple APIs. If you've never used them, you need to use ​Akamai​'s Identity and Access Management tool to create authentication credentials for each API:

API Service NameDescriptionAccess level
Property ManagerThis is the Property Manager API (PAPI). You'll use this to create and modify your Ion delivery configurations.READ-WRITE
Adaptive Acceleration APIAdaptive Acceleration helps speed up the delivery of your site by preloading assets based on real-user monitoring data.READ-WRITE
Script Management APIScript Management lets you manage potentially problematic javascripts on your site or app.READ-WRITE

Support the appropriate body size

Supported client tools such as edgegrid-curl and edgegrid-python have a default maximum message body size of 2048 bytes. To use PAPI, this needs to be 128K. How you increase this value varies, based on the interface you're using to call this API. For example, you could set max-body:131072 in the .egcurl file, or pass max_body:131072 as part of the EdgeGridAuth() call if you're using Python.

What's a Recipe?

A recipe is a step-by-step example of the use of an individual ​Akamai​ API operation, complete with syntax examples for various supported interfaces. Some of the phases of this tutorial include a button that lets you access a recipe for a specific API operation.