The Cloud Access Manager (CAM) API connects the ​Akamai​ Intelligent Platform and your cloud provider. Use CAM to enable cloud origin authentication and securely store and manage your cloud provider origin credentials as access keys. You can easily select an access key in the Origin Characteristics behavior when creating a Property Manager property for your ​Akamai​ product, eliminating the need to manually provide the credentials. You can use the same access key between several properties, for ​Akamai​ products that offer support for the Origin Characteristics behavior.

You can also rotate to a new version of an access key by updating its authentication credentials.

Supported cloud providers

Currently, ​Control Center​ supports these signing processes used by cloud providers to authenticate requests:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS). ​Control Center​ supports the V4 signing process.
  • Google Cloud Storage (GCS) in interoperability mode. ​Control Center​ supports the pre-release V4 signing process.