To configure this API for the first time:

  • Get hold of the credentials assigned with your cloud provider account. You'll need them to authenticate requests to a cloud origin.

  • Before you can use this API, you need to Create authentication credentials. You use the Identity and Access Management tool in ​Akamai Control Center​ to set up access for any ​Akamai​ API, as well as gather some information you'll need.

    • Verify you have the API service named Cloud Access Manager, and its access level is set to READ-WRITE. This gives you access to all of the operations in this API.

    • Note your Group name. In the Identity and Access Management interface, click Show additional details and review the Groups table to see a list of groups. Make note of the Group name for your applicable group.


If you have access to several groups and are unsure of which one to use, talk to your local Akamai administrator, or contact your Akamai account representative.

  • Get your groupId. Several operations in this API require this value. You can find it using the Identity and Access Management API:

    1. List groups.

    2. In the response, search for the Group name you noted. Store the associated groupId value.

  • Get your contractId. Several operations in this API require this value. You can find your contractId using the Contract API:

    1. List contracts. If you only have one, you're done. Store this as your contractId. If you have more than one, make note of these values and continue.

    2. List products per contract. Set the {contractId} variable to one you've noted.

    3. Look for a marketingProductId of Cloud Access Manager in the response. If you find it, this contract has CAM enabled, and you can use this contractId.


If you're not sure of the right contract to use, or you see CAM on more than one contract, check with your local Akamai administrator or contact your Akamai account representative.

The code examples shown in this API documentation are for reference but do not contain the required authentication code syntax you need to make API calls. For code samples you can copy and paste, check out the Recipes. To learn how to apply authentication in a variety of programming languages when using Akamai APIs, refer to Authenticate with EdgeGrid.


Provide feedback or ask a question in the Akamai Developer Discussion Forum. You can also contact your ​Akamai​ account representative for support. We want to hear from you!