See the API's various operations for details on their request parameters and response data.

You can also run this API with a Postman collection.

Run in Postman

Access keys
List access keysGET/access-keys
Create an access keyPOST/access-keys
Get an access keyGET/access-keys/{accessKeyUid}
Update an access keyPUT/access-keys/{accessKeyUid}
Delete an access keyDELETE/access-keys/{accessKeyUid}
List access key versionsGET/access-keys/{accessKeyUid}/versions
Create an access key versionPOST/access-keys/{accessKeyUid}/versions
Get an access key versionGET/access-keys/{accessKeyUid}/versions/{version}
Delete an access key versionDELETE/access-keys/{accessKeyUid}/versions/{version}
Perform a property lookup requestGET/access-keys/{accessKeyUid}/versions/{version}/properties
Get an ID for an asynchronous property lookup requestGET/access-keys/{accessKeyUid}/versions/{version}/property-lookup-id
Access key status requests
Get the status of an access key jobGET/access-key-create-requests/{requestId}
Access key version status requests
Get the status of an access key version jobGET/access-key-version-create-requests/{requestId}
Property lookups
Perform a property lookup request asynchronouslyGET/property-lookups/{lookupId}