Use the Script Management API to create and view policies. These policies can help minimize performance impacts from third-party JavaScripts used by your site or app.

The Script Management dashboard

This API is a companion to the Script Management dashboard on Akamai Control Center. The dashboard includes metrics and analysis that show you which scripts on your site are causing large-set impacts on its performance. You can review detailed information in the Script Management dashboard before creating policies. It also includes testing suggestions to help you find the most popular pages that your policies affect, so you can confirm that Script Management is working as intended.

API common use cases

The full range of Script Management's functionality is available through the application on ‚ÄčControl Center‚Äč. But, there are several common use cases you can apply with this API:

  • View "insights" data. Review analysis data for HIGH, MEDIUM, and LOW impact scripts, including how the scripts are affecting your site. You can also see the individual pages where they're being used.
  • Create a policy Use it to specify which scripts should be automatically blocked or deferred, and optionally enable single-point-of-failure (SPOF) protection, which moves a call for a script to the background if it's impacting page load.
  • Retrieve a policy for reuse. When you create a policy, you set it to apply to requests for a specific property hostname (domain) from your Ion property. If that policy has been effective in script handling, you can get its specifics and then reuse them for another property hostname in your Ion property.