Review these points before using this API:

  • You need to enable Script Management in your Ion property. See Add and manage Script Management in the Ion user documentation.

  • Use the workflows. We offer workflows you can follow to perform various tasks by stringing together operations from this API. Check out Manage your Script Management policies to access these workflows.

  • Get your propertyId. All of the operations in this API require this value. This is the unique value that ​Akamai​ assigns to the Ion property that's delivering your site or app.

    1. Run the list properties operation in the Property Manager API (PAPI). Include the PAPI-Use-Prefixes header set to false to remove the prp_ prefix from the response. It's not used in Script Management API operations.
    2. Locate the applicable property and store its propertyId.

Code samples and authentication

The code examples shown in this API documentation are for reference but they don't contain the required authentication code syntax you need to make API calls. For code samples that you can copy and paste, check out the Recipes. To learn how to apply authentication in a variety of programming languages when using Akamai APIs, refer to Authenticate with EdgeGrid.


Provide feedback or ask a question in the Akamai Developer Discussion Forum. You can also contact your ​Akamai​ account representative for support. We want to hear from you!