Manual Preconnect (legacy)

With the HTTP/2 behavior included in your Ion property, you can add this behavior to request a specified set of domains that relate to your property hostname. This keeps the connection open for faster loading of content from those domains.


This is the legacy version of manual preconnect. Unless it's already in your Ion property, use the HTTP/3 and the preconnect functionality offered with Adaptive Acceleration instead.

To use it, input a hostname and click the entry that appears in the drop-down to add it.

Incompatibilies with Manual Preconnect

Manual Preconnect isn't compatible with the Automatic Push and Preconnect options in Adaptive AccelerationAutomatic Server Push, Automatic Preconnect, and Automatic Font Preload. If you have any of these options enabled in Adaptive Acceleration, you can't include Manual Preconnect in any of the rules in your Ion property.