Configure the Minimize payload rule

Use the behaviors in this sub-rule to reduce the size of delivered content and decrease the number of bytes sent by your Ion property. This will cut down the network overhead of your website or app.

Set up Compressible objects

This helps reduce delivery overhead by gzip compressing text-based format content.


The match criteria for this rule is default-populated with several text-based formats that are commonly used with websites and apps. We recommend that you leave all of these defaults, but you can add more by clicking the field and selecting the desired ones.

Last Mile Acceleration (Gzip Compression)

Your Ion property will first review the request header in a request from an end user's browser, looking for the Accept-Encoding: gzip entry. If it's included, this indicates that the browser supports decompression of gzip content. The property then reviews what's set as the LMA behavior's Compression Response to determine how to deliver content to the client. This is default set to Always, which means all files that match the file types in Criteria will be gzip compressed before delivery from your origin to help speed up the process.


Last Mile Acceleration doesn’t require additional hardware or software on your origin.

Before you change these settings

This sub-rule's settings are pre-configured as a best practice to optimize the delivery of these file formats. You can change the settings here to suit your needs, but you should review the full documentation for Last Mile Acceleration (Gzip Compression) behavior before you do.

Last Mile Acceleration (Gzip Compression) and Adaptive Acceleration

Adaptive Acceleration for Ion lets you optionally apply other, more advanced forms of compression. They also target common text-based files such as .css, .js, and .svg that aren't included in this rule. Some of these compressions can even identify gzip content, decompress it, and recompress it using better compression. Take a look at Set up Adaptive Acceleration to see how these additional compressions might help delivery.