Add features

​Akamai​ offers several other services and features you can add to your property to improve and secure the delivery of your website. You can even view data and create custom usage reports for your site.

Configure more Ion behaviors

In Property Manager, you can add and configure several other optional behaviors with your Ion property. Check out the Custom configuration and Optional features sections in the Ion user documentation for more details.

Add optional services

You can also add more services to your ​Akamai​ contract to improve the delivery of your site.

DNS services

With this tutorial, you had to make several updates to your domain name server (DNS). Instead of maintaining your own separate DNS, you can use ​Akamai​'s Edge DNS service. Plus, Edge DNS reduces DNS lookup times for your website making it quicker to access. Check out its user documentation for more information.

Site security

With this tutorial, you secured the connections to your site and origin server using HTTPS. You can also add several more advanced services to protect these connections.


You'll need access to an ​Akamai Control Center​ user (login and password) to access the documentation for these products. If you don't have one, talk to your account team to learn more about these products.

  • Kona Site Defender. "Kona" helps to protect your website against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) and web application attacks.

  • Bot Manager. Automated "bots" are continually trying to access your website. Some are good, and others aren't. Add ​Akamai​'s Bot Manager to control those bots.

Asset management and delivery

We offer specific products and services to help you deliver your media assets.

  • Image and Video Manager. This is ​Akamai​'s one-stop-shop to manage, optimize, and modify the images and short-form videos you use on your site. It helps you streamline the delivery of the right media to the right device.

  • Adaptive Media Delivery (AMD). This is very similar to Ion, except it's used to set up delivery of long-form streaming media, in both on-demand and live formats. For example, you could set up your Ion property for your site and an AMD property for your streaming media. A client request for your website triggers the Ion property to deliver the site. Clicking play in a media player that you embed in your site would trigger the AMD property to deliver the streaming media.

  • Download Delivery. The same as AMD, but for downloadable assets, like software and games.

Edge computing and applications

Since ​Akamai​ is the world’s largest serverless compute platform, you can use these tools to get your code closer to requesting clients.

  • EdgeWorkers. You can use the EdgeWorkers service to deploy JavaScript functions at the edge and create customized experiences for your website visitors.

  • Cloudlets. Cloudlets are applications that complement ​Akamai​ delivery solutions like Ion to solve various delivery challenges. Cloudlets bring a site's business logic closer to a requesting client by placing it on the edge of the content delivery platform.

Reporting and usage data

Gather analytics data and view reports on your site as its accessed via the ​Akamai​ network.

  • DataStream 2. DataStream 2 lets you capture performance and security logs for your Ion property to stream them in near real-time to your data destination to provide complete monitoring capability.

  • View Ion traffic reports. In addition to gathering logs with DataStream 2, you can use our standard Reporting app to create and view custom reports for your Ion-delivered site.

There's even more

These are just some of the additional services you can use with the delivery of your site. Set up some time with your ​Akamai​ account team to discuss your specific needs. They'll be able to recommend what's best for you.