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‚ÄčZero Trust Client‚Äč improves upon and combines the functionality of Enterprise Application Access (EAA) Client, Enterprise Threat Protector (ETP) Client, and Guardicore Centra Agent to provide a one-stop solution where you can secure access to enterprise applications, protect your network from threats, and enforce segmentation policies. ZTC delivers an accessible and easy to navigate client hub that consists of three services, available depending on the type of your contract:

  • Access. It's a secure application access service that lets you protect your applications from Internet threats while giving easy access to your contractors, partners, vendors, and employees.
  • Threat Protection. It‚Äôs a cloud-based, targeted threat protection solution that safeguards your organization from DNS and web-based threats, enforces authentication and acceptable use policies, and audits user Internet access.
  • Segmentation. It's a comprehensive data center and cloud security solution that provides a single console for managing segmentation, access control, and security policies throughout your entire environment.

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