Multi-user support

Starting from version 6.0.0, ​Akamai​ ​Zero Trust Client​ supports multi-user Windows workstations. This enhancement lets users seamlessly switch between OS accounts on shared workstations and set up their individual Access configuration. The client saves Access configuration for each OS account and applies it on user login. Note that this feature doesn’t support switching to Access users or IdPs that belong to a different customer account. To learn how to set up Access in ​Zero Trust Client​, refer to the setup documentation.

The following limitations apply to the multi-user feature:

  • Multi-user support for Access is limited to local logins. RDP connections are not supported.
  • When installing the client with an Identity Provider (IdP) specified using the silent install parameter (, end-users cannot switch to a different IdP post-installation. In multi-user environments, this results in all users on the workstation being restricted to a single IdP.
  • On multi-user workstations running ​Zero Trust Client​ with Access exclusively, resetting Access removes Access configuration data for all workstation users instead of resetting the configuration only for the currently logged in user.