Real User Monitoring (Classic) & Ion

Real User Monitoring (RUM) provides performance monitoring of web pages based on data collected from real end users. With RUM, we can gather data about an individual page request, and send that data back for processing.

How it works

RUM injects JavaScript into HTML pages served to end-user clients. The JavaScript monitors page-load performance and it reports on various data, such as browser type and geographic location. RUM monitors webpages that contain an HTML head section and use the text/html content type. A content type is a header that describes the file type that follows. The browser uses this information to render the content properly.


This is ​Akamai​'s legacy real user monitoring tool. We recommend that you use our more modern mPulse utility, instead. It's added by default to a new Ion property.

Access the Real User Monitoring (Classic) user docs

For complete details on Real User Monitoring, check out its user docs: