Remove a configuration

This isn't a self-service operation, but an Edge IP Binding configuration can be deleted or deactivated.

Delete a configuration

Edge IP Binding configurations are dependent on an associated Global Traffic Management (GTM) property that also must be deleted. GTM properties can only be manually deleted by internal ‚ÄčAkamai‚Äč staff. Contact your account representative for assistance with deleting both the GTM property and the Edge IP Binding configuration.

Deactivate a configuration

If you don't need to completely get rid of an Edge IP Binding configuration, you can have it deactivated. Its associated GTM property will remain intact and the configuration is set to "inactive." All of the individual IP addresses and host headers that were assigned to the configuration are kept, too. Later, you can reactivate the configuration if you need it again. Contact your account representative for assistance with deactivating and reactivating.