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Edge IP Binding (EIPB) lets you deliver traffic from a small, static set of IP addresses in an ‚Äč‚ÄčAkamai‚Äč scalable manner. You can implement Edge IP Binding to accomplish the following:

  • Support zero-rated billing. Add Edge IP Binding if you're looking to offer specific traffic at no cost to end users, or prevent specific delivery from counting against a data cap.

  • Identify content provider traffic based on the source IP. This helps when you can't perform a deep packet inspection.

  • Provide a single or a limited number of source IP addresses. This would help if your infrastructure systems are too complex and need a single, or very limited number of source IPs.

  • Eliminate frequent updates to IP address ranges. This applies if your business support or operations support systems can't handle frequent updates.

  • Provide simplicity and scale. This can help remove the need for additional domains or additional IPs.

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