Here you can find solutions for commonly known issues you may encounter while using DataStream.

You can also see the FAQ or Set up alerts to get instant e-mail notifications, and prevent stream errors that may result in data loss.

Stream and property configuration

Find solutions to common issues while configuring DataStream, such as the steps in the Create a stream and Edit a stream workflows, as well as problems with the DataStream behavior in the Property Manager configuration:

I can't choose the property I want to stream logs for from the list.• You can create streams only for properties active on the production network. If necessary, Activate your property or Create a new property in Property Manager.

• Your property's product should match the product assigned in the DataStream configuration. If the product differs between both configurations (for example, after migrating to another product), go to Property Manager and change the product in your property configuration before trying again.
I can't choose one or more data set fields I want to log in my stream from the list.DataStream logs several data sets (such as EdgeWorkers information and Web security) and fields only for selected products.

See the Data set parameters list to check if DataStream supports them for your product.
I want to log midgress traffic on my property, but I can't choose it from the data set list.Logging midgress traffic may not be enabled on your contract, and you can contact the Akamai support team to enable it. This feature also requires enabling the Collect midgress traffic option in the DataStream behavior for your property in Property Manager.
I want to stream structured or JSON logs to my destination, but I can't choose this log format in the creation wizard.If one of the log format options (JSON or Structured logs) is grayed out in the Create a stream or Edit a stream wizard, the destination you chose does not support it.

See Stream logs to a destination to check the list of available features for each destination.
I can't see the list of properties while editing the stream.If you can't open the property list in the stream editing wizard, the product belonging to the property monitored by the edited stream may have changed. This may happen after a product upgrade.

You can create a new stream with the same data set choice and destination settings to make sure you can access and edit it later.
The DataStream behavior is no longer listed in the property configuration, and/or displays the Behavior is not supported message.This error and message can appear after downgrading the Property Manager configuration rule format to an earlier version (for example, from latest to v2022-06-28).

If you need to use a lower version of the rule format, remove the behavior from the configuration, add and configure it again.

Log data

After configuring one or more streams to gather and send log data, you may need to troubleshoot the most common issues and errors to ensure uninterrupted data flow:

The stream is active, but there are no logs at my destination.• After creating and activating a stream, make sure you Enable the DataStream behavior for your property, and include the stream in the same version of the Property Manager configuration you selected when creating or editing a stream.

• In your property configuration, there is a match that didn't meet the criteria to trigger log streaming. Go to Property Manager and review your configuration.

• The destination details you configured for your stream are invalid. You can Edit a stream to review and update the details of the destination if needed. See Stream logs to a destination for required parameters for each destination.

• When uploading logs, DataStream may get 429 or 5XX errors at the destination. In this case, log data may be lost after three unsuccessful retries. You can Set up alerts to get notifications about upload failures, change the destination details in the stream, and prevent further data loss.
One or more data set fields I selected for my stream don't appear in the logs or return -.Apart from choosing them from the list, some data sets (Content protection, EdgeWorkers information, Midgress traffic) and fields require enabling additional behaviors in Property Manager to log and stream data. See the Data set parameters list for requirements.

The Geo data data set may return -, because fields such as City are restricted to major cities.
The stream is active, but there is less log data than traffic edge hits may suggest.• Ensure that the criteria triggering the DataStream behavior in the property configuration, such as Rules and Matches, do not exclude portions of traffic from the logs.

• Check the Sampling rate setting in the DataStream behavior (if lower than 100%, log data may be omitted).

• Ensure that the log data time frame covers the same span as the traffic edge hits metric.

We recommend using the Traffic by hostname report metrics for more reliable comparison between traffic edge hits and log data.
DataStream uploads logs more often than expected or configured.DataStream bundles logs in 30- or 60-second intervals you can configure using the Push frequency setting in the Create a stream and Edit a stream wizard.

However, log files can appear more often when one file is bigger than 4 MB and DataStream splits log data into more files.