Key concepts and terms

Before configuring DataStream 2, get to know some basic concepts from the DataStream 2 application and the API that we refer to throughout this guide:

  • DataStream. The solution you can use to log traffic data and metrics for your ​Akamai​ property with low latency. You can configure your stream to send raw data to a destination of your choice for storage and analytics, or integrate it with third-party web services. You can use the DataStream application in the ​Akamai​ Control Center and the DataStream API.

  • Stream. Collects log data on edge request-response cycles for up to 100 properties per stream. It also bundles logs and sends them to a destination of your choice every 30 or 60 seconds, depending on the push frequency you choose.

  • Log. Traffic data and metrics on individual edge request-response cycles for your property on the ​Akamai​ platform. DataStream bundles raw logs as JSON or structured (space- or tab-delimited) files and sends them to the destination of your choice. You can use log data to monitor the performance and behavior on your property, troubleshoot incidents, and improve security.

  • Data set. A pre-defined set of metrics that you can monitor in your stream, such as the request and response details, performance, and security data. You can also choose data set fields related to other ​Akamai​ products, such as EdgeWorkers. When creating or editing a stream, you can choose and omit which data set fields you want to log and stream to a destination. See Data set parameters for the complete list of data set fields you can log in DataStream 2.

  • Destination. The target location where DataStream can send bundled log files for storage or advanced analytics. Choose a destination for each stream you create from Amazon S3, Azure Storage, Datadog, Elasticsearch, Google Cloud Storage, Loggly, New Relic, Oracle Cloud, Splunk, Sumo Logic, an S3-compatible destination or a custom HTTPS endpoint. For some destinations, you can also use Akamaized hostnames as endpoints for improved security. In DataStream 1, you may have known destinations as connectors. See Stream logs to a destination for more details and features available for each destination.

  • Property. A configuration for a given hostname that is assigned to an ​Akamai​ product. Each property can have rules and behaviors that define how they interact with other products and ​Akamai​ solutions, such as the DataStream behavior. You can monitor up to 100 properties in one stream for products such as Adaptive Media Delivery, API Acceleration, Cloud Wrapper (MultiCDN), Download Delivery, Dynamic Site Accelerator, Dynamic Site Delivery, Ion (Standard, Premier and Media Advanced, including Terra Alta Enterprise), Rich Media Accelerator, Object Delivery, and Web Application Accelerator.