Set up alerts

DataStream 2 allows you to receive log upload failure alerts for your selected streams.

You can create and configure the Datastream - Upload Failures alert in the Alerts application to get e-mail notifications and resolve issues when log files can't be uploaded to your destinations for several reasons, such as invalid destination settings or timeouts. See Create an alert.

Alert thresholds

The alert sets off when the rate of failed uploads goes above the threshold. You can set the threshold as the maximum percentage of failed uploads over three consecutive five-minute intervals.

For example, if you set the rate to 100, the alert notifies you after all attempts over 15 minutes fail to upload to your destination. If the rate is set to 10, the alert sends a notification if 10% or more data uploads fail continuously over 15 minutes.

Upload failure causes

Every time you get a notification, the application reports a possible cause the upload failed. The notifications show one of these common causes for upload failure:

  • Authentication failures. DataStream 2 can't upload logs to your destination, because the settings you provided, such as the URLs, credentials or tokens are invalid. They may have been changed after saving the stream configuration.

  • Authorization failures. DataStream 2 can't upload logs because of insufficient permissions to access your destination.

  • Request timeout. DataStream 2 receives a request timeout from your destination while uploading log files.

  • Rate limit exceeded. DataStream 2 exceeds the destination's rate limit.

  • Other failures. DataStream 2 can't identify the reason for upload failure.


After getting a notification with an upload failure cause, you can investigate for possible issues with your stream and resolve them quickly and efficiently:

Upload failure causeSolution
Authentication failureCheck if the destination settings in the DataStream 2 configuration are valid and up-to-date. Enter valid credentials to ensure data flow.
Authorization failureCheck if you have sufficient permissions to upload data. Change the destination settings in your DataStream 2 configuration if needed.
Request timeoutCheck the timeout settings for your destination or cloud provider. Change the settings at your provider's site if needed.
Rate limit exceededCheck the rate settings for your destination or cloud provider. Change if needed.
Other failuresSave the failure details from the notification and contact ‚ÄčAkamai‚Äč support.

For DataStream 2 alert details, see DataStream - Update Failures in the Alerts application guide.