Now you can use the new version of the DataStream 2 API to capture log data and deliver them to a destination of your choice at low latency. We have redesigned the DataStream API for improved experience, including new features such as Patching streams.


eDNS and GTM logs

With the recent General Availability (GA) release of DataStream 2.1, you can now add EdgeWorkers, Edge DNS, and Global Traffic Management as new data sources for your streams.

For details, see the DataStream 2 API v3 reference guide.

Create and manage stream configurations, choose from available data sets to monitor traffic, and collect detailed data on your ​Akamai​ properties at the edge. For the steps you need to configure and use DataStream 2, see Get started and API workflow.

This API offers a programmatic alternative to the features of DataStream 2 available in Akamai Control Center. It limits the scope of the returned data by the user's account, its permissions, and access to business objects.

DataStream 2 is optimized for high volume raw data delivery. We recommend using raw log data for basic traffic analysis and monitoring CDN health. In the event of issues related to third-party destinations, such as latency or connection problems, data will be lost after three failed retries to connect. You should take these limitations into account before using data served on your stream for audit, compliance and billing purposes.

For details, see Use cases in the DataStream 2 user guide.