Use cases

DataStream 2 proves an unparalleled tool for monitoring the performance of your properties on the ​Akamai​ Intelligent Edge Platform.

It is optimized for high-volume raw data delivery, and we recommend using raw log data for basic traffic analysis and monitoring CDN health. In the event of issues related to third-party destinations, such as latency or connection problems, data will be lost after three failed retries to connect. You should take these limitations into account before using data served on your stream for audit, compliance, or billing purposes.

Let's have a look at the most typical use cases:

Low latency streaming

DataStream 2 provides easy control over your streams and delivers live log data at under one-minute latency. You can:

  • Create, edit, view, and delete stream configurations. DataStream adapts to configuration changes within 60 minutes of the change.

  • Collect, bundle, and stream raw log records to a chosen destination at selected time windows.

  • Pause and stop log delivery as required.

  • Monitor multiple properties in a stream.

  • Monitor a property in multiple streams.


You can configure your streams to send raw logs every 30 seconds. Low latency log data streaming can help you proactively monitor performance, detect and quickly resolve performance issues.

Stream logs to an analytics platform of your choice to ingest logs and set up real-time dashboards or alerts. This helps you proactively prevent connectivity problems, service disruptions, and configuration-tuning complications, as well as minimize your mean time to recovery (MTTR).

You can use DataStream 2 for:

  • Performance and QoS monitoring. Proactively monitor performance, detect and quickly resolve performance degradations. Determine traffic split based on real-time performance and availability metrics. Measure the success of your new code or CDN configuration in real time without risking downtime or end-user experience. Check on CDN health, efficiency, and usage after rolling out new features.

  • Event monitoring. Monitor live events, such as video streaming and software and game releases.

  • Usage tracking. Monitor for usage spikes to avoid exceeding commits.

  • Alerting. Receive alerts with potential issues based on failure uploads and violation of thresholds.


Use the log data you receive for long-term trend analysis or to gain valuable insights based on performance and traffic. You can use the data you receive to perform forensic, session, and content analysis.

Diagnostics and troubleshooting

After you've detected an issue, get the data you need to investigate and isolate the root cause of your problem. Use it to keep track of performance and health, and proactively identify possible issues:

  • DevOps and diagnostics. Understand the impact of changes caused by the configuration, player, or workflow updates.

  • Benchmarking. Access recent data for up to 12 hours on CDN health, efficiency, and usage for analysis and benchmarking, without the overhead of managing an endpoint infrastructure.

Supported products

You can leverage log collection with DataStream for a wide range of products:

  • Adaptive Media Delivery

  • API Acceleration

  • ChinaCDN

  • Cloud Wrapper (MultiCDN)

  • Download Delivery

  • Dynamic Site Accelerator

  • Dynamic Site Delivery

  • EdgeWorkers

  • Ion (Standard, Premier and Media Advanced, including Terra Alta Enterprise)

  • Rich Media Accelerator

  • Object Delivery

  • Web Application Accelerator


See Supported features for a list of useful features that DataStream offers to effectively gather and stream data.