Clone a stream

If you want to create multiple streams to enable log delivery for your properties, or just copy an existing stream, clone the streams using the wizard in the DataStream application.

Using this wizard, you can clone streams with every activation status (for example, active or inactive, and with activation or deactivation in progress). Each time when you clone a stream, you can choose to activate it upon cloning or save the stream as inactive to activate it on the production network at any later time.

How to

  1. Log in to Control Center using a User ID and Password that have been configured for access to DataStream.

  2. Go to COMMON SERVICES > DataStream.

  3. On the DataStream page, find the stream that you want to clone, click · · · from the Action column, and choose Clone stream to open the cloning wizard.

  4. In the cloning wizard, enter a human-readable New stream name. The name for the cloned stream can't be longer than 100 characters.

  5. Choose the configuration Version of the stream you want to clone.

  6. If you want to clone the destination details, check Copy destination. You can copy the destination only from the latest version of the stream. In other case, you will need to manually enter the destination details for the new stream in the cloning wizard.


Validate destination details before cloning

When you clone a stream, DataStream does not validate the destination details you copy from another stream.

Make sure that the destination details (such as the bucket name, folder path or authentication credentials) of the source stream are valid, and you have sufficient access to the target destination to avoid data loss.

  1. Click Continue.

    The stream cloning wizard appears. You can expand the window by clicking the arrows in the upper right corner.

  2. Optional: In New stream name, you can edit the name you previously entered for the new stream.

  3. Optional: In Properties, you can view the properties that the new stream will monitor. You can edit the list, and remove or add properties belonging to the same product up to 100 properties per stream.


Cloning data sets

Click the eye icon in Data sets to see the data set fields that DataStream will clone to the new stream. Depending on the product, available data set parameters may differ between properties. If you want to monitor different data set fields, create a new stream. See Create a stream for steps.

  1. Optional: If you left the Copy destination box unchecked, enter the destination details. See Stream logs to a destination for configuration steps for each destination.

  2. In Activation e-mail, you can provide e-mail addresses to get notifications about all actions involving the stream, such as stream activation or deactivation, editing an active or inactive stream, or saving a stream version.

  3. Check Activate stream now to activate the stream after cloning. If you leave this box unchecked, DataStream saves the stream configuration to activate later.

  4. Click Clone stream.

    It takes about 60 minutes to activate a stream. After this time, your stream is active on the production network.

Next steps

If you cloned an inactive stream, you may want to activate it later in the control panel. See Activate or deactivate a stream.