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With API Definitions you can register, manage, and deliver your APIs via Akamai in an efficient and secure manner.

Several products and features utilize API definitions, including:

API Acceleration

API Acceleration was designed to meet the unique requirements and challenges of delivering performant API and beacon traffic. Many API responses are dynamic in nature and have smaller payloads than typical HTTP/HTTPS traffic. With API Acceleration, you can expect improvement in both availability and response times for small objects.
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API Discovery

Having many APIs means you can easily lose track of the APIs in your system that need protection and inadvertently leave your API data exposed to threats. API Discovery helps you detect unprotected APIs you can then assess if they indeed require protection and add them to your API definitions. API Discovery also shows you a frequently updated list of APIs found in your system. The list is based on an analysis of edge server data aimed at identification of APIs. Learn more about API Discovery.

API Gateway

An application programming interface (API) gateway, located at the edge, is a component of the Akamai Intelligent Platform. You can use it with your web performance solutions, and chosen web application firewall product, like App & API Protector. Learn more about API Gateway.

Bot Manager

Your website lets many entities interact with you online, including partners, competitors, attackers, and fraudsters using automated bots. Some bots are positive, like Google search crawlers. Others may not be, like credential abuse and account takeover bots. You don’t want to block all the bots, so Bot Manager helps you manage different traffic in different ways.
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Kona Site Defender and App and API protector with ASM module

Kona Site Defender (KSD) and App & API Protector are defense services that detect and mitigate application threats in HTTP and HTTPS traffic as they attempt to pass through ​Akamai​’s edge platform to reach your origin data centers. Learn more about Kona Site Defender and App and API protector.

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