API Discovery overview and access

If you’re a Kona Site Defender (KSD) or API Gateway customer with a large number of APIs serving traffic on multiple hostnames, you may easily lose track of the APIs in your system that need protection. This exposes your API data to threats and may even leave a mark on your company’s reputation.

API Discovery helps you detect unprotected APIs and shows you a frequently updated list of such APIs. The list is based on an analysis of edge server data aimed at identification of APIs. Once the APIs are detected, you can assess if they indeed require protection based on the provided information and register them in the API Definitions application.


API Discovery shows data for a significant sample of traffic that goes through your APIs, not the entire traffic.

Access API discovery

API Discovery is a part of API Definitions user interface. You can access API Discovery in Control Center after logging in with your username and password.

  1. Go to > CDN > API definitions.
  2. Click API Discovery.