Use the akamai_cps_warnings data source to return a map of all possible pre- and post-verification warnings. The map includes both the ID needed to acknowledge a warning and a brief description of the issue.

CPS produces warnings during enrollment creation or after a client uploads the certificate. CPS won't process a change until you acknowledge all warnings.

You can use the warning IDs returned by this data source to acknowledge or auto-approve warnings. The akamai_cps_third_party_enrollment and akamai_cps_upload_certificate resources include arguments to help you do this.

Basic usage

This example shows how to return a map of verification warnings:

provider "akamai" {
  edgerc = "../config/edgerc"
  config_section = "shared_dns"

data "akamai_cps_warnings" "example" {}

Argument reference

This data source supports does not support any arguments.

Attributes reference

This data source returns this attribute:

  • warnings - Validation warnings for the current change you're making. Warnings display with an ID and a short description. Unless you auto-approve warnings, you need the ID to acknowledge the change. CPS won't process the change until you acknowledge these warnings.