Malware policy actions


Update a malware policy's actions or send bulk action updates for multiple policies.

An update of your malware policy's actions does not automatically apply the changes to what's live on a network. Instead, the update creates a new, inactive version of your security configuration that includes your changes.

To see your changes on a network, reactivate your security configuration.

resource "akamai_appsec_malware_policy_actions" "my_malware_policy_actions" {
  config_id              = 12345
  security_policy_id     = "ab1_23456"
  malware_policy_actions = <<-EOF
    "malwarePolicyActions": [
            "id": 12345,
            "action": "alert",
            "unscanned_action": "alert"
            "id": 56789,
            "action": "deny_custom_12345",
            "unscanned_action": "deny"
            "id": 101112,
            "action": "none",
            "unscanned_action": "none"


Pass all arguments to update your malware policy's actions.

Argument Required Description
config_id ‚úĒ Your security configuration's ID.
security_policy_id ‚úĒ Your security policy's ID.
malware_policy_actions ‚úĒ A JSON list of your malware policies and their actions. You can send the JSON as a value or provide a path to a JSON file. Each object in the malwarePolicyActions array contains:
  • id. Required. A malware policy ID.
  • action. Required. The scanned request response action.
  • unscanned_action. Required. The unscanned request response action. Its value is dependent on the value in action.
    • To set the value to none, action must also be none.
    • To set the value to anything other than none, the value of action must be one of alert, deny, or a custom deny.

Possible action values:

  • alert. Log the request and continue further evaluation.
  • deny. Return an HTTP status of 403 FORBIDDEN.
  • deny_custom_{custom_deny_id}. Your custom deny action. To set an unscanned value to a custom deny, your action's value cannot be none. For more information, see Custom deny.
  • none. No action.


This resource does not return any attributes. Your security policy and malware IDs will be in the creation success line of your return log.

akamai_appsec_malware_policy_actions.my_malware_policy_actions: Creation complete after 5s [id=12345:ab1_23456]