Request body settings




This is a beta version of request body settings. Use of this version is as is and as available while still in testing and development.

Update your request body's evaluation size limit in an editable version of your configuration.

  • If your latest security configuration is not active in staging or production, activate your configuration after the update to apply the settings on a network.
  • If your latest security config is active on a network, clone your configuration, make the update to body size, and then activate the updated configuration version.
resource "akamai_appsec_advanced_settings_request_body" "my_request_body" {
  config_id                     = 12345
  request_body_inspection_limit = "32"


Pass your security configuration's ID and the limit value to update your body size settings.

config_id‚úĒYour security configuration's ID.
request_body_inspection_limit‚úĒThe size limit in KB for your request body. Values are default, 8, 16, 32. The default value is also eight.
security_policy_idYour security policy's ID.