Reputation profile analysis


Modifies the reputation analysis settings for a security policy. These settings include the following:

  • The forward_to_http_header parameter, which indicates whether client reputation details are added to requests forwarded to origin in an HTTP header.
  • The forward_shared_ip_to_http_header_siem parameter, which specifies whether a value is added indicating that shared IPs addresses are included in HTTP headers and in SIEM integration events.

Scopes: Security policy


terraform {
  required_providers {
    akamai = {
      source = "akamai/akamai"

provider "akamai" {
  edgerc = "~/.edgerc"

data "akamai_appsec_configuration" "configuration" {
  name = "Documentation"

data "akamai_appsec_reputation_profile_analysis" "reputation_analysis" {
  config_id              = data.akamai_appsec_configuration.configuration.config_id
  security_policy_id     = "gms1_134637"
  forward_to_http_header = true

output "reputation_analysis_text" {
  value = data.akamai_appsec_reputation_profile_analysis.reputation_analysis.output_text

output "reputation_analysis_json" {
  value = data.akamai_appsec_reputation_profile_analysis.reputation_analysis.json

Argument reference

This resource supports the following arguments:

  • config_id (Required). Unique identifier of the security configuration associated with the reputation profile analysis settings being modified.
  • security_policy_id (Required). Unique identifier of the security policy associated with the reputation profile analysis settings being modified.
  • forward_to_http_header (Optional). Set to true to add client reputation details to requests forwarded to the origin server in an HTTP header; set to false to leave reputation details out of these requests.
  • forward_shared_ip_to_http_header_siem (Optional). Set to true to add a value indicating that shared IPs are included in HTTP header and SIEM integration; set to false to omit this value.