Client list




While the underlying code for our Client Lists subprovider has been vetted, we’ve placed the beta label here only to collect your feedback and work through any issues.

Create, update, or remove a client list.

To remove a client list, ensure its status is INACTIVE and then run terraform destroy. Remove places your client in a deprecated state. It can be recalled if you ask for your deprecated lists.

resource "akamai_clientlist_list" "my_client_list" {
  name = "my_client_list"
  type = "ASN"
  notes = "Client list creation"
  tags = ["tag1", "tag2", "tag3"]
  contract_id = "12345"
  group_id = 12345
  items {
    value           = "1"
    description     = "Item one"
    tags            = ["tag1", "tag2"]
    expiration_date = "2023-09-06T15:58:39.225+00:00"
  items {
    value           = "2"
    description     = "Item two"
    tags            = ["tag2", "tag3"]
    expiration_date = ""
  items {
    value           = "3"
    description     = "Item three"
    tags            = ["tag1"]
    expiration_date = ""


Pass all required arguments to create a client list.

name‚úĒÔłŹYour client list's name.
type‚úĒÔłŹYour client list's type.
  • GEO
  • ASN
  • TLSFingerprint
  • FileHash
contract_id‚úĒÔłŹYour contract ID.
group_id‚úĒÔłŹYour group ID.
notesComments or other human-readable details about your client list.
tagsUser-created identifiers to filter client list searches.
itemsYour list's match elements.
  • value. Your client list's IP address, autonomous system numbers, locations, or TLS fingerprint entries.
  • description. A description of the entry.
  • tags. User-created tags to help filter client lists.
  • expiration_date. An item's expiration date.
  • Attributes

    There's no default standard output. Upon creation, the last line of the process log contains your client list's ID.

    akamai_clientlist_list.my_client_list: Creation complete after 3s [id=123456_MYCLIENTLIST]