Create identities and control access

The Identity and Access Management subprovider lets you automate the creation and management of users, groups, and roles.

To get more information about Identity and Access Management, see the product documentation.


Identity and Access Management workflows

Use Identity and Access Management to manage access privileges and users. When combined, users, groups, and roles grant access to Akamai applications, services, and objects.

~> For more information about these concepts, see API concepts in the API documentation.

For Identity and Access Management, there are three objects to create:

Create users

To set up users, you need to:

The akamai_iam_user resource represents the user.

To define the entire configuration, open the resource block and give it a name. For this case, you're going to use the name "example".

Once you have a valid country, your user should look like this:

resource "iam_akamai_user" "example" {
  first_name = "John"
  last_name = "Doe"
  email = ""
  country = "USA"
  phone = "(123) 321-1234"
  enable_tfa = false
  auth_grants_json = jsonencode([
      roleId = 3
      groupId = 12345

Create roles

Use akamai_iam_roles resource to set up the roles.

To see if there are existing roles, start with the akamai_iam_grantable_roles data source.

Create groups

Use akamai_iam_group resource to create a group.

To see if there are existing groups, start with the akamai_iam_group data source.