While the underlying code for our Cloud Wrapper subprovider has been vetted, we’ve placed the beta label here only to collect your feedback and work through any issues.

Average processing time3-4 hours

Create or update a Cloud Wrapper configuration.

resource "akamai_cloudwrapper_configuration" "my_configuration" {
  config_name         = "my_configuration"
  contract_id         = "C-0N7RAC7"
  property_ids        = ["12345"]
  notification_emails = [""]
  comments            = "My configuration comments."
  retain_idle_objects = false
  location {
    traffic_type_id = 1
    comments        = "test"
    capacity {
      value = 1
      unit  = "GB"


config_name‚úĒÔłŹA configuration's name.
comments‚úĒÔłŹThe descriptive information you've provided about a configuration.
contract_id‚úĒÔłŹYour contract ID.
location‚úĒÔłŹDetails about a location's traffic settings.
  • comments. The descriptive information you've provided about a location.
  • traffic_type_id. An ID that represents a combination of location and traffic type.
  • capacity. The total amount of space allotted to a given contract in GB or TB.
    • unit. The data measurement type. Either GB or TB.
    • value. The total units allotted to your contract.
property_ids‚úĒÔłŹA list of the property IDs to which you want your Cloud Wrapper configuration associated.
capacity_alerts_thresholdThe storage limit that triggers a threshold alert.
config_idA configuration's ID
notification_emailsA list of email addresses that receive change notifications.
retain_idle_objectsBoolean that sets retention status beyond the max idle lifetime. Default is false.


There is no default standard output. However, creation of the wrapper computes a revision attribute you need to map to in the activation resource, and the last line of the process log contains your client list's ID.

akamai_clientlist_activation.my_activation: Creation complete after 4m6s [id=1234]