Average processing times Staging: 1-3 minutes Production: 5-7 minutes

Activates a property version on either the staging or production network. If you don't specify a network, the default action targets staging.


A note change does not trigger a new property activation.

// Change the network value to production for the production network
resource "akamai_property_activation" "my_activation" {
     property_id                    = "prp_12345"
     network                        = "staging"
     contact                        = [""]
     note                           = "Sample activation"
     version                        = "1"
     auto_acknowledge_rule_warnings = true
     timeouts {
       default = "1h"


Pass your property's ID and version along with who to send change notifications to to activate your property.

property_id‚úĒÔłŹYour property's ID, including the prp_ prefix.
contact‚úĒÔłŹOne or more email addresses to which to send activation status changes.
version‚úĒÔłŹYour property's version number.
networkAkamai network in which to activate your property, either staging or production. The default is staging.
noteA descriptive message about the activation request.
auto_acknowledge_rule_warningsWhether the activation should proceed despite any warnings. The default is false.
timeoutsUses a default argument to override the HashiCorp processing timeout of 20 minutes. Value is a string containing a number and its time reference, h, m, s. You can pass one, two, or all values. For example:
  • 1h3m5s
  • 2h5m
  • 3m


Returned to you are the activation's IDs, status, and any warnings or errors.

idYour activation's ID.
warningsWarnings returned during activation.
errorsErrors returned during activation.
activation_idThe ID given to the activation event while it's in progress.
statusThe property version's activation status on the given network.