Property activation


Use the akamai_property_activation data source to retrieve activation information for a property version on staging
or production network.

Example usage

Basic usage:

locals {
  email       = ""
  rule_format = "v2022-10-18"

resource "akamai_property" "example" {
  name        = "terraform-demo"
  product_id  = "prd_SPM"
  contract_id = var.contractid
  group_id    = var.groupid
  hostnames {
    cname_to               = ""
    cname_from             = ""
    cert_provisioning_type = "DEFAULT"
  rule_format = local.rule_format
  # line below here is assumed to be defined but left out for example brevity
  rules       = file("${path.module}/main.json")

resource "akamai_property_activation" "example_staging" {
      property_id =
      contact     = []
      # NOTE: Specifying a version as shown here will target the latest version created. This latest version will always be activated in staging.
      version     = akamai_property.example.latest_version
      # not specifying network will target STAGING
      note        = "Sample activation"

data "akamai_property_activation" "example_staging" {
      property_id =
      version     = akamai_property.example.latest_version

Argument reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • property_id - (Required) The property's unique identifier, including optional prp_ prefix.
  • version - (Optional) The activated property version. Default returns the latest activated version.
  • network - (Optional) Akamai network to check the activation, either STAGING or PRODUCTION. If not specified, this defaults to STAGING.

Attribute reference

The following attributes are returned:

  • id - The unique identifier for this activation.
  • warnings - The contents of warnings field returned by the API.
  • errors - The contents of errors field returned by the API.
  • activation_id - The activation's unique identifier, including optional atv_ prefix.
  • status - The property version's activation status on the selected network.
  • contact - The email addresses to notify about the activation status changes.
  • note - Log message assigned to the activation request.