Get your configuration ID

There are two methods to obtain your configuration ID:

From the Control Center

  1. Connect to Akamai Control Center.
  2. Select Enterprise Center.
  3. Select Locations > Locations (or any other ETP specific page).
  4. Check out the URL bar of your browser, locate your ETP configuration identifier between /etp/ and /location/:
  1. Edit the following section in your .edgerc file and replace the data accordingly:
; Akamai {OPEN} API credentials
host =
client_token = akab-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
client_secret = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
access_token = akab-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

; ETP Config ID (required for ETP usage, can be obtained from the Akamai Web Interface)
etp_config_id = your-ETP-config-ID


Multi-tenant configurations

You can find the configuration ID for individual tenants listed under General Settings > Tenant Management.


From the API

You can also use the API to retrieve a list of the config IDs assigned to your tenant using the List Configurations operation.