Zone create failure states

When a bulk zone create fails, one of the following states is returned.

ZONE_ALREADY_EXISTSThe zone already exists.
ZONE_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWEDThe zone type specified for the conversion is not allowed.
ZONE_LIMIT_EXCEEDEDThe zone limit is exceeded.
MALFORMED_ZONEThe zone name you specified is malformed.
ALIAS_TARGET_NOT_PROPAGATEDThe requested zone is of type ALIAS, but the zone that it points to has not yet propagated to Akamai's name servers. Check the status of that zone and wait for it to propagate, then resume the request.
SUBZONE_CHECK_FAILEDThe requested zone is a sub-zone of another Edge DNS zone, but this user does not have write permission on that zone. Either the parent zone belongs to another customer, or the user does not have sufficient privileges.
GTM_CONFLICTA zone with the same name exists in the Global Traffic Management product, and can not be duplicated in Edge DNS.
INTERNAL_ERRORAn internal error has occurred when performing the bulk zone creation operation.